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Community is an important part of the HELP Program because support from PEOPLE  is essential in the home education journey. We strongly urge members of HELP to become part of a group of people who will follow the same scope and sequence for the school year, therefore providing support in the form of book sharing, field-trips, science experiments, and presentations.


Any group of home educators who meet together on a regular basis and are following the same scope and sequence. Communities can be very large or as small as two families meeting in each others' home.
Seek out families through your local homeschool organizations, or simply find one or two families who would like to use the HELP program . Contact HELP to receive a community submission form. Once your form has been submitted and accepted your contact information will be posted on our website so other families in your area can locate you.
Meeting together on Mondays, once a week, is highly suggested because it allows your week to begin with community. The group coming together to introduce the scope and sequence will help lay out the rest of your school week.
Location for your community needs to be convenient to the community. Homes or church buildings are easy places to start.
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